Largest health workers union in United States calls for ceasefire

Support for a ceasefire is growing among the US labor movement as 1199 SEIU joins the global movement

December 15, 2023 by Peoples Dispatch
Photo via 1199 SEIU

The largest health workers’ union in the United States, Service Employees International Union Local 1199, just joined the global movement for a ceasefire. Representing over 450,000 working and retired healthcare industry workers, SEIU 1199 is now the second largest union in the US to call for a ceasefire, behind the United Auto Workers.

“We reject the notion that Israel’s attacks on hospitals filled with patients, apartment blocks filled with families, and the deaths of 11,000+ Palestinian women and children are acceptable collateral damage,” reads 1199’s statement. “We urge an immediate ceasefire.”

With this statement, the local builds on an anti-war legacy. 1199 was the first union to call for an end to the US war in Vietnam.

1199’s statement reflects a broader willingness within the labor movement to join the global call for a ceasefire, initiated by Palestinians living under occupation.

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