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Attacks on activists in Philippines continue under the farce of ‘red …

Salvador Romano, a human rights defender, was fatally shot on July 7 on the island of Negros in Philippines. Peasant leaders, activists, and trade unionists in Negros are facing constant attacks and violence from the state authorities. Rights organizations and unions are often linked to the banned Communist Party of Philippines or the New People’s Army to make them look illegal in a slander tactic called ‘red-tagging’. These kind of attacks are frequent against people questioning the regime and oppressive tactics employed by Rodrigo Duterte.

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Protest against Indian Railways privatization move AICCTY IREF

Railway workers’ union protest against Indian government’s …

On June 10, 2019 hundreds of railway employees and members from the working class gathered in New Delhi to protest against Indian government’s railways privatization move. The protest was organized under the banner of All India Central Council of Trade Unions(AICCTU) and Indian Railway Employees Federation (IREF). The Narendra Modi led far-right wing government in India has recently announced it’s “100 days Action Plan” to bring in private players in Indian railways. It has even cleared the decks for privatising the running of important trains and railway coach factories.