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Chile teachers' strike

Chile teachers stand their ground in defense of public education

All across Chile, teachers are continuing to resist police violence and repression in order to stand for the country’s public education system. Over 90,000 teachers have been on an indefinite strike since June 3 behind the banner of Chile’s largest teachers’ union, Colegio de Profesores de Chile (CPC). Despite continuous mobilisation and demonstrations, the government is refusing to listen to the demands of the teachers.

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Around the World in 8 Minutes: Episode 34

In this episode, we begin with a tribute to comrade Abhimanyu, a young activist of the left-wing Students Federation of India, and a student of Maharaja’s College in Kerala, who was martyred on July 2, 2018. In the second story, we report on Libya where on July 2nd, at least 40 people were killed in an air raid targeting a refugee detention centre near the capital city Tripoli. We also look into the story of US activist Scott Warren, against whom legal proceedings were dropped recently on charges of aiding migrants, and South Korean where tens of thousands of “irregular workers” employed in Sate-run enterprises protested on July 4 as part of a country-wide strike.

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Evo Morales and the battle for the dignity of the Bolivian people

We spoke to Alpacino Mojica from the organization Los Azules del Oriente to understand more about the context and the importance of the elections in Bolivia this October. Mojica speaks about the need to deepen the process of transformation that began 13 years ago with Evo Morales and the challenges facing the continuation of this process.

[Editing: Mohit, Subtitles: Zoe, Camera: Saurav, Chandan, & Mohit]

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Pride is political

Pride is Political: 50 years since Stonewall

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City, USA. Riots at Stonewall inn, an LGBTQ bar in NYC, began when the people inside the bar opposed police raids on June 28, 1969. That event is considered to be revolutionary in the history of LGBTQ rights. The first pride marches in the US began between 1969 to 1970 after Stonewall. Now, 50 years later, pride marchers are returning to the roots of the movement and raising political issues and matters of oppression of the community.