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Hundreds protest against the sexist citizenship bill in Lebanon

Hundreds of protesters in Lebanon gathered at Riad al-Solh Square in Beirut on July 7 to demand the right for Lebanese women to pass on their citizenship to their children. As per a law dating back to 1925, Lebanese women married to foreigners cannot confer nationality to their children and spouses. Only children born to Lebanese men are eligible for citizenship.

Under this archaic law, children are denied Lebanese citizenship and cannot work in certain fields or access public healthcare. They require a work visa to be legally employed and need a residence permit to stay in the country.

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Around the World in 8 Minutes: Episode 36

In this episode of Around the World in 8 Minutes we discuss the report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Venezuela which in discussing the current state of the country fails to mention the relentless attacks waged by the US-backed far right opposition forces and the crippling sanctions which have essentially strangled Venezuela’s economy. We bring you to the Philippines where human rights activist Salvador Romano was assassinated on July 7. Romano is the 69th activist to be murdered on the island of Negros ever since Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency in 2016. And finally, we go to India, where workers at the Sonipat brewery plant in Haryana have been protesting for better working and organizing conditions for over 500 days.