Members of the ELN’s peace delegation discuss the current status of the peace talks with the Colombian government and their hopes for peace


Venezuela’s cities have given birth to a powerful social movement aimed at fighting capitalism on a territorial level.

Madhav Kumar Nepal_Unity of Struggle_Nepal Communist Party

In the part 2 of this exclusive interview to Peoples Dispatch, former Prime Minister of Nepal and senior leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal talks the recent historic victory of communist parties in Nepal.

Around the world ep 31

In this episode, we take a look into the anti-US military base protests in Ecuador, police repression on South African shack-dwellers’ movement and Palestinian campaign against PUMA for Israeli sponsorship.

Dalit liberation and communist movement in Nepal_Sabitra Bhusal Nepal Communist Party

Sabitra Bhusal, central committee member of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) talks about the legal and constitutional provisions and the impact of the communist movement in the process of eradication of caste-based discrimination in Nepal.

War on Venezuela_Explained_Peoples Dispatch_Sanctions

We take a look at the sanctions that have been imposed on the country and the debilitating impact these measures have on the lives of the people.


Senior journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta discusses this development that has come in the wake of the decade-long lobbying by the Indian business conglomerate.

ATW 30

In this episode, we bring you stories from people’s struggles in India, South Africa and Brazil..

Taimur Rahman_Laal Band_Pakistan_Peoples Dispatch

Laal had been in forefront of taking revolutionary music to masses in Pakistan.

João Pedro Stedile of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement of Brazil discusses Brazil under Bolsonaro and the working class mobilizations in the country


The exposé also reveals how one of the driving forces of the Car Wash task force was to prevent a return of Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT) to power.

Nepal Bamdev Gautam Agriculture

Bamdev Gautam, Secretariat member of the Nepal Communist Party, talked to Peoples’ Dispatch about the changing outlook towards agriculture in Nepal.

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