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Cuba returns to Harlem to honor Malcolm X

Ahead of his address at the UN General Assembly, Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel payed tribute to Malcolm X in Harlem. The ceremony marked 63 years since the historic meeting between Malcolm X and former Cuban president Fidel Castro. Díaz-Canel remembered the invitation given by Malcolm X to Castro to stay in the Hotel Theresa in Harlem at a time when attempts were being made to boycott the Cuban delegation at the UN.

Community leaders welcomed Díaz-Canel and the Cuban delegation and remarked on the importance of the shared ties between Cuba and the Black Liberation Struggle. Among those present were Malcolm X’s daughter Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz, Rosemari Mealy, Cuba’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos de Cossio, and more.

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Johannesburg fire is the result of neglect and discrimination against …

On August 31, a horrific fire in a building in Johannesburg claimed at least 77 lives. Most of those killed were immigrants from other African countries who had come to South Africa to try to eke out a living. After the fire, the immigrant community became the target of attacks by politicians who blamed their presence for the disaster.

We spoke to Thapelo Mohapi, General Secretary of Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), the shack dwellers’ movement, one of the few organizations to take a strong stand against this xenophobia. Thapelo talks about the structural reasons that led to the fire and the neglect of the poor and the working class in cities such as Johannesburg, He also explains the politics of xenophobia and how it is used to divide the workers.

Thapelo also talks about the failures of the ANC government and the kind of measures needed to prevent such tragedies.

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G20: What’s in it for the Global South?

Dr Biswajit Dhar is former professor of economics at JNU’s Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, and has worked in numerous capacities in and outside government as a trade and economic analyst. In this interview, he tells NewsClick what to expect from the forthcoming G20 summit being held in Delhi, India, over 8 and 9 September 2023. He says the rhetoric about gains to developing countries from the G20 summits are hyped. There’s little on the table that would fulfill needs and expectations in the Global South.

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KK Shailaja on battling COVID-19, transforming Kerala’s healthcare, …

At a time when the world was reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic, the response by the Indian State of Kerala shone as a guiding light. Under the leadership of then health minister KK Shailaja, the state had among the lowest casualty rates anywhere in the world. NewsClick and Peoples Dispatch spoke to Shailaja Teacher on her recently launched book, My Life as a Comrade. She talks about her tenure as health minister during which she battled multiple crises and led a transformation of the health sector, her journey into politics, and the socio-political culture of Kerala which enabled the state to respond successfully to the pandemic.

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Activists demand Blackrock cancel Zambia’s debt

Activists from organizations such as the People’s Forum, Friends of the Congo, ANSWER Coalition, Friends of Swazi Freedom, Black Men Build and many others, protested outside the global headquarters of investment firm BlackRock in New York City to demand it cancel Zambia’s debt. 70% of Zambia’s debt is held by Western institutions, and 220 million is held by investment giant BlackRock. In 2021, Zambia was diverting half of its entire public income to paying its external debts. Activists argue that BlackRock, which is worth USD 10 trillion, could easily cancel the debt and allow Zambia to develop.

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No improvements to health system after one year of Marcos Jr administr …

Delen Dela Paz and Albert Pascual from the Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) reflect on changes in the health system one year into the Marcos Jr administration in the Philippines. Despite promises of improvement to health services delivery and the health insurance model, the people in the Philippines are still struggling because of high emigration rates of health workers and worsening of social determinants of health.

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World Breastfeeding Week 2023: Is formula milk a real alternative?

As World Breastfeeding Week 2023 approaches, Peoples Health Dispatch spoke to Patti Rundall from Baby Milk Action and David McCoy from the United Nations University. The two health experts talked about the importance of this annual campaign, the misleading marketing widespread in the baby formula industry, and what needs to be done to make it possible for mothers to be able to breastfeed their babies for the required duration.

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Protests break out across India against BJP government’s inactio …

For nearly three months, the northeastern State of Manipur in India has been witnessing horrific ethnic and religious violence. A shocking and graphic video of two women being paraded naked and brutalized in Manipur recently became viral in India, leading to outrage and protests across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been conspicuously silent on the violence in Manipur until the video emerged. His senior ministers had also remained quiet. Opposition parties have stated that the central government, as well as the Manipur State government, both of which are led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have failed to uphold law and order in the State by deliberate inaction.

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State of the nation of Philippines: People give Marcos Jr’s administ …

As the president of Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr delivers his State of the Nation Address, we spoke to leaders of the Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) on how the people of the country have assessed the first year of the Marcos’ administration.

HEAD’s Chairperson Dr. Delen Dela Paz and Secretary-General Albert Pascual talk about the state of the economy of the country, the impact on health sector, Marcos Jr’s policy towards military relations with the US, the continuing war on drugs, and how the people are continuing to organize and resist.