Our Partners

The International People’s Media Network

We are a network of independent progressive media projects from across the globe. We seek to collectively redefine journalism and the media in a time of global crisis.

We live in a moment which is seeing the rapid enclosure of media institutions, with corporate money and agendas narrowing historic alternatives to mainstream media. More and more, media organizations have become an extension of the elites, promoting their agenda, trying to shut out critical thought and investigative, fact-based journalism on issues that directly impact the majority of humanity.

We are united in our commitment to bringing our audiences rigorous analysis and meticulous fact-based reporting in clear, creative and innovative formats. We share a commitment to first class journalism that takes the lives and struggles of the majority of humanity seriously.

We know that in today’s context, the ability to work collaboratively, learn from each other, share reports from on the ground, and build joint projects among progressive independent media projects is essential. It is especially important to build this kind of mutually fruitful collaboration across the Global South. This is the primary goal of the International People’s Media Network.

Members of the Network retain full editorial independence.

The Network is a partner of the International People’s Assembly