Feminists in Brazil mobilize against bill that equates abortion with murder

The Chamber of Deputies surprised many by pushing forward the discussion on a bill that equates abortion with murder and prohibits abortion even in cases of rape

The longest held political prisoner in the United States just got his first hearing in over a decade

After 47 years behind bars, Leonard Peltier’s supporters in the Indigenous movement continue to fight for his release

Left and progressives form New Popular Front to counter far-right in French elections

Left and center-left parties in France announce a joint platform to challenge Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in the upcoming election

How Belgian students forced their university to cut ties with Israel

Mingtje Wang of COMAC speaks about student-worker solidarity, the keys to their first victory and sustained momentum, and the future of the movement for a free Palestine in Belgium.

The number of forcibly displaced people reaches a record 120 million

New and existing conflicts and wars remain the largest contributor in forcing people to leave their homes followed by climate catastrophes such as prolonged droughts and frequent floods

Senate approves reduced version of Milei’s Omnibus Law amid protests and heavy repression

Argentine president had to concede more articles and surprisingly lost two fundamental modifications to the Fiscal Package

Healthcare workers protest AMA’s silence on genocide in Gaza

Healthcare Workers for Palestine activists protested at a recent American Medical Association meeting, condemning the association’s silence on the genocide in Palestine

Mask off Maersk targets the suppliers of Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian Youth Movement takes on a transnational campaign, targeting logistics giant Maersk which has transported over USD 300 million in weapons components to US arms manufacturers

How a communist peasant leader defeated a BJP incumbent in North India

Amra Ram is one of the eight left leaders elected from different parts of the country to represent working class in the Indian parliament’s lower chamber, Lok Sabha, usually dominated by the country’s rich

Nepal’s community health workers advance in struggle for job security and recognition

Representatives of Nepal’s Female Community Health Volunteers joined trade union delegations at the annual ILO meeting to advocate for job security and recognition

Pakistan seeks to increase economic cooperation with China

Pakistan claims it shares a common world view with China of creating a “global community of shared future and wish to imitate Chinese development model to improve the lives of common Pakistanis

At least 180 migrants feared dead in accident off Yemen’s coast

Every year thousands of migrants fleeing poverty, conflict zones or harsh climate conditions and in search of jobs and decent life face death and inhumane conditions in their journey