Military embargo on Israel Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and its ties with global south (Part 2)

In this discussion, we talk about how we can build demand for a military embargo on Israel as resistance to its military occupation.

Israeli occupation of palestine Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and its ties with global south (Part 1)

We discuss the nature of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and how it is sustained by its ties with regimes in the global south.

“The only way to achieve peace is by recognizing the rights of Palestinians”

Michele from the French Jewish Union for Peace talks about the BDS movement in France and the Yellow Vest protests.

French BDS campaign’s fight against Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestine

Imen from the French chapter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement joined Peoples Dispatch for a discussion on how her organization is contributing to the larger struggle against Israeli apartheid.

International day of solidarity for plaestine International day of solidarity with Palestine: Strengthening the resistance against occupation and apartheid

Since 2005, the Palestinian-led global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement has paved the way for grassroots mobilization in this direction.

In a major win for BDS movement, musicians worldwide boycott Israel’s Meteor Festival

Just as artistes refused to play for apartheid South Africa, they must also not lend their voice to Israel’s apartheid, occupation and settler-colonialism.

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