London calls on incoming Labour government to end Israel’s genocide in Gaza

July 6 was the 16th national march which took place in London since the genocide in Gaza began on October 7.

Human rights defenders demand shut down of detention center in the UK

The Derwentside Immigration Removal Centre since its opening in December 2021 has been a site of regular protests demanding its shut down.

How Belgian students forced their university to cut ties with Israel

Mingtje Wang of COMAC speaks about student-worker solidarity, the keys to their first victory and sustained momentum, and the future of the movement for a free Palestine in Belgium.

The People’s Red Line sends a strong message to White House: stop the genocide now!

Tens of thousands formed a people’s red line for Palestine around the White House against Joe Biden administration’s active role in the genocide in Gaza.

Nancy Morejón: Cuban poet on the revolution and the role of the artist

Cuabn poet Nancy Morejón talks about how the revolution in Cuba paved the way for cultural emancipation as well as why the voices in support for Palestine must be louder.

Hundreds of thousands march in London to commemorate Nakba day

The protesters demanded an immediate ceasefire, restoration of full aid and an end to the embargo on Gaza.

Students and workers take to the streets on May Day for Palestine

In NYC, on International Workers’ Day, students and workers continued their mass mobilizations in support of Palestine

Vijay Prashad on hyper-imperialism

Vijay Prashad’s speech on hyper-imperialism given in Caracas, Venezuela at the World Gathering for An Alternative Social Agenda

Censored Palestinian artist on the art of the working class

Palestinian artist Samia Halaby spoke to Peoples Dispatch about censorship, abstract art, the genocide in Gaza and more

Brooklyn marches for Palestine on International Working Women’s Day

The peaceful demonstration was met with aggression as the protesters were attacked by NYPD officers. Dozens of protesters were arrested at multiple actions that took place across the city as well.

NYC shows up for Palestine in the pouring rain

Peoples Dispatch was on the ground in New York City on March 2, when 50,000 people marched to demand an end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

NYC vigil honors sacrifice of Aaron Bushnell

Aaron Bushnell had set himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC on Sunday, February 25 to protest Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza and his country’s support to the war.