125,900 teachers dismissed for opposing military coup in Myanmar

The military junta announced the suspension of a large percentage of teachers in Myanmar as a pressure tactic to compel them to return to schools ahead of the new session which begins from June 

May 26, 2021 by Peoples Dispatch
Photo : Мraтт pнyo (@mrattphyo12)/Twitter

A total of 125,900 school teachers have been suspended for civil disobedience and opposing the military junta which toppled the civilian government in February in Myanmar. On May 23, Reuters quoted an official of the Myanmar Teachers Federation as saying that they were suspended ahead of the upcoming school year.   

Currently, there are 430,000 teachers appointed across Myanmar. The official who was quoted on the condition of anonymity said that he himself was accused of “inciting disaffection”

Around 19,500 university staff have also been suspended, the Myanmar Teachers Federation, said. 

Following the February 1 military coup, and the arrest of a number of leaders, unionists, activists and opponents of military coup, the state of Myanmar has plunged into chaos with mass protests and the ongoing civil disobedience movement rocking the south-east Asian country. 

Thousands have fled to neighboring countries such as India and Thailand fearing for their lives. Communication and social media have been suppressed repeatedly. So far, almost 750 civilians have been killed in the mass uprising and over 2,000 have been arrested, charged or sentenced for opposing the coup, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners stated. Hundreds of thousands of civilians participated in the resistance against the military regime that is headed by General Min Aung Hlaing.

Reports suggest that the education system of Myanmar continues to be one of the poorest in the region. It ranked at 92 out of 93 countries in a global survey conducted in 2020.