NATO Summit kicks off in Washington, DC

NATO leaders might declare Ukraine’s path to membership “irreversible” as war in Ukraine rages on

Hundreds protest NATO Summit in Washington, DC

Anti-war organizations and activists gathered by the hundreds in Washington, DC to protest the upcoming NATO Summit, to be held in US capital

Activists to protest NATO Summit in Washington

NATO Summit to take place in US capital as the United States provides unconditional support for Israeli genocide

Shanghai Cooperation Organization convenes 24th council meeting in Kazakhstan

The 24th annual summit of the SCO is expected to focus on strengthening regional security and stability, economic and trade cooperation

Hundreds march in San Diego to demand an end to US-led RIMPAC “war games”

The mass mobilization was organized by the Cancel RIMPAC to oppose US militarism, environmental degradation, and imperialism

“Julian won’t be safe until he lands in Australia,” says Assange’s wife

Stella Assange calls for “all eyes” on the flight taking the Wikileaks founder to court in US Pacific territory

29 years without Jonas Salk: against the normalization of the absurd

Nearly three decades after Jonas Salk’s passing, his legacy continues to highlight the need for building a different pharmaceutical industry

Air pollution is killing millions across the globe, claims State of Global Air report

Pollution is the second leading cause for death and life long health problems among children. In 2021, it killed over 700,000 children

US imperialism is driving millions of people to flee their homes across the world

The intensification of existing violent conflicts and emergence of new ones have caused a significant increase in the number of forcibly displaced people

Global South countries break with West on Ukraine Summit final declaration

None of the BRICS member states signed the final joint communique which talked about respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Many affirmed that there cannot be any serious discussion on peace without Russian participation

Russia rejects the Swiss peace summit as a “fraud”

Though around 90 countries will be participating in the summit, countries such as China have maintained that the gathering is meaningless without the Russian participation

The number of forcibly displaced people reaches a record 120 million

New and existing conflicts and wars remain the largest contributor in forcing people to leave their homes followed by climate catastrophes such as prolonged droughts and frequent floods