The proposal outlines the composition of the bodies of power that will govern Sudan over the next several years

The sit-in came in response to the company’s inaction on an alleged sexual harassment complaint from one of the employees

The circumstances of Mohammed Morsi’s death reflect the hopelessness in Egyptian politics following the return of the military

Around the world ep 31

In this episode, we take a look into the anti-US military base protests in Ecuador, police repression on South African shack-dwellers’ movement and Palestinian campaign against PUMA for Israeli sponsorship.

The police demolished 26 houses at Abahlali baseMjondolo’s Azania settlement which were rebuilt after last week’s attack. Nearly 150 people were rendered homeless

Migrant crisis Tunisia

The Bangladeshi nationals and their fellow refugees were headed to Europe when their boat capsized. They were rescued by another vessel which was not allowed permission to dock by Tunisian authorities

“To the tyrants who believed for a while that victory was theirs, we say, our people will rise up.. to recommence the journey and complete the revolution,” the SPA said as the protesters begin preparations to escalate.

Mohammed Morsi’s life and politics since 2012 was a reflection of the contradictions and miscalculations by various sections of the anti-military forces that brought Egypt to where it is today

ATW 30

In this episode, we bring you stories from people’s struggles in India, South Africa and Brazil..

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