North America
Current and former US military personnel build a movement for Palestine within their ranks

Peoples Dispatch speaks to US veterans who are standing against their government’s complicity in genocide and organizing more to do the same

“We are going to build a better world!” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel tells North American youth

The Cuban president had an extensive encounter with the members of the Let Cuba Live brigade about the revolution, the struggle against imperialism, and hope

The longest held political prisoner in the United States just got his first hearing in over a decade

After 47 years behind bars, Leonard Peltier’s supporters in the Indigenous movement continue to fight for his release

Healthcare workers protest AMA’s silence on genocide in Gaza

Healthcare Workers for Palestine activists protested at a recent American Medical Association meeting, condemning the association’s silence on the genocide in Palestine

Waffle House workers win major raise after months of campaigning

Waffle House workers are celebrating the announcement as a victory as a result of struggle and vow to continue fighting for 25 dollars per hour

The People’s Red Line sends a strong message to White House: stop the genocide now!

Tens of thousands formed a people’s red line for Palestine around the White House against Joe Biden administration’s active role in the genocide in Gaza.

61% in US are against sending aid to Israel

The movement for Palestine in the US has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to oppose the US policy of unshakable support for Israel. Last Saturday, 100,000 surrounded the White House as part of the “people’s red line” against genocide

100,000 form “red line” around White House to protest US support of Israel

A hundred thousand people descended upon Washington DC to surround the White House with a miles-long “red line”, later forming a “People’s Court” to try Biden and Netanyahu for genocide

Healthcare workers will protest the American Medical Association’s silence in the face of genocide

On June 8, healthcare workers are staging a demonstration outside of a meeting of the American Medical Association House of Delegates

A red line against genocide, a red line against racism

Israel channels the racist history of the United States in ducking and dodging charges of genocide under international law

Biden shuts down US-Mexico border

Border shutdown will go into effect immediately, barring asylum seekers from entering the United States

Tens of thousands to surround White House on June 8 in protest of Rafah invasion

The people of the United States challenge Biden’s complicity in the Israeli genocide in Gaza, demand Biden end aid to Israel