UK High Court grants Julian Assange opportunity to appeal extradition

Julian Assange was granted another opportunity to appeal his extradition to the US after the UK High Court found US assurances of a fair trial inadequate

Confrontations continue over planned voting rules change in New Caledonia

Violent confrontations erupted in New Caledonia last week in response to French lawmakers’ plans to change voting rules, jeopardizing the rights of the Kanak population

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico injured in assassination attempt

Robert Fico was seriously injured in an assassination attempt in the town of Handlová while he was meeting supporters

Kindergarten workers in Croatia go on strike, face attacks by mayor

Workers in the public kindergarten in Biograd, Croatia, are facing unprecedented pressures as they begin strike

Far-right rises to power in coalition government in Croatia

The formation of a new government in Croatia by center-right and far-right parties is sparking concerns about media freedom, the rights of ethnic minorities, and the potential sell-off of public resources

Sunak’s government targets asylum seekers to improve election chances

Rishi Sunak’s government is advancing its plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda to boost its poll numbers, despite ongoing resistance

Zagreb’s anti-fascist flame: a decade of liberation celebrations and resistance

Zagreb marked a decade of revived liberation celebrations this weekend, as citizens gathered to reignite bonfires commemorating the end of Nazi and Ustaša occupation

On Liberation Day, Italy continues to struggle against revisionism and fascist legacy in government

Thousands gathered across Italy to celebrate Liberation Day, commemorating the efforts of the anti-fascist resistance that helped shape the country’s foundation

Croatian Democratic Union secures most mandates in parliamentary elections

The Croatian Democratic Union secured the most mandates in the parliamentary elections on April 17, outpacing center and green options. The results of the election suggest a likely shift to the right

Italian students challenge universities for their complicity in Israel’s crimes

Students are organizing University occupations in Italy to demand an end to the collaboration with Israeli institutions.

German authorities’ crackdown on Palestine Conference sparks widespread outrage

Police not only stopped the event from taking place in Berlin but prohibited international guests from even transmitting their planned speeches on video

German police shut down pro-Palestine conference

Police conducted arrests of attendees, while German authorities prevented conference guest and Gazan doctor Ghassan Abu Sitta from even entering the country