29-05 Spanish Elections Early elections called in Spain following defeat of incumbent party in regional polls

The conservative People’s Party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo were the major winners in the regional and local polls held across Spain on May 28, which were considered a trial run for the general elections scheduled for this year

Government bid for EU membership deepens crisis in Moldova

On May 15, the head of the Moldovan parliament, Igor Grosu, announced the initiation of Moldova’s withdrawal from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States, a political and economic cooperation forum founded by the post-Soviet Republics

Ukraine war Post-Bakhmut scenario in Ukraine war

In the aftermath of the fall of Bakhmut, the US has announced that Ukrainian pilots will be trained in flying F-16s. There have been sporadic artillery and Himars missile attacks on Russian civilians in border towns. It in unlikely that any of these will be game changers

The illuminating influence of Eric Huntley

A conversation with Eric Huntley, who along with his wife Jessica, pioneered Black literary publishing in twentieth-century Britain, and remains a committed activist to this day

Syria critcizes France France’s foreign policy towards the Arab world is colonial, backward, and detached from reality, says Syria 

Former colonial power France had supported the anti-Assad forces in Syria with the objective of regime change, which prolonged the war in the country. France also became part of the US-led illegal unilateral sanctions regime against Syria 

23-05 Italy Flood Floods in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna are a sign of unfurling climate crisis and state’s failure in adaptation

Two waves of floods—in the first week of May and another that started on May 16—hit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, killing 16 people and displacing over 50,000 

Racism in football Brazilian government stands up for footballer Vinícius Júnior, victim of racism in Spain

Brazilian footballer Vinícius Júnior, who plays for Read Madrid, faced racist abuse from spectators during a match with Valencia. While he has received a lot of solidarity from fans, his club, and the Brazilian government, the response of the president of the Spanish League has been widely criticized

Right-wing New Democracy party falls just short of majority in Greek polls, surge in seats for communists

While pro-government sections and media are celebrating the performance of the ND, analysts have noted its loss of majority in the house and the surge in popularity for working class forces that are in the opposition

Russia-Ukraine war update US hopes to snatch victory from jaws of defeat in Ukraine

If the Anglo-Saxon alliance keeps climbing the escalation ladder, the Russian campaign may well expand the operation to the entire region east of the Dnieper River. The Russians are in this war for the long haul and the ball is in the American court

20-05 Anti-protest bill - Belgium Left parties and unions in Belgium take a stand against bill to ban ‘rioters’ from protests

The Belgian government is proposing a parliamentary bill which seeks to ban ‘rioters’ from taking part in protests. Trade unions and leftist parties such as the Workers’ Party of Belgium say that the bill could be used to target their members and other activists by branding them as rioters

19-05 Political Crisis - Slovakia Ukraine war a critical issue in upcoming elections in Slovakia as Eduard Heger steps down

President Zuzana Čaputová has now installed a technocrat caretaker cabinet headed by central bank deputy governor Ľudovít Ódor to run the government till the general elections scheduled on September 30

17-05 Save Freight Service - France French rail workers mobilize to save rail freight operator Fret SNCF

Earlier this year, the European Commission opened an investigation into support measures including capital injection and debt cancellation taken to help Fret SNCF. These steps allegedly do not comply with European state aid rules. Workers feat that is if the rail company is penalized, its operations will be affected and jobs will be lost