Natalia Marques
US Republican Party puts full backing behind ultra-conservative program at National Convention

At its National Convention, the leading conservative party in the US promotes its presidential ticket and ultra-conservative platform

Sevim Dağdelen on the historic lies of NATO

Peoples Dispatch spoke to German MP Sevim Dağdelen, author of new book “NATO: A Reckoning with the Atlantic Alliance”

Does NATO make the world a safer place?

On the 75th anniversary of its founding, the alliance seems to renew commitment to escalating wars and tensions across the globe

Tras el debate, la gente en EEUU busca una tercera opción

El desastroso debate televisado entre los aspirantes a la presidencia Biden y Trump hace que muchos busquen una alternativa al sistema bipartidista.

After an embarrassing presidential debate, people in the US seek a third option

The disastrous televised debate between presidential hopefuls Biden and Trump has many seeking a alternative to the two-party system

Two candidates, one war against migrants

Both Biden and Trump continue to uphold sanctions driving mass migration, while punishing migrants at the border

Progressive congressman Jamaal Bowman defeated in democratic primary in most expensive congressional race in US history

The US pro-Israel lobby spent a record-breaking amount of money to unseat progressive politician Jamaal Bowman

Current and former US military personnel build a movement for Palestine within their ranks

Peoples Dispatch speaks to US veterans who are standing against their government’s complicity in genocide and organizing more to do the same

Rodean la Casa Blanca en protesta por el apoyo a Israel

Cien mil personas descendieron a Washington DC para rodear la Casa Blanca con una “línea roja” de kilómetros de largo, y luego formaron un “Tribunal Popular” para juzgar a Biden y Netanyahu por genocidio.

Mask off Maersk targets the suppliers of Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian Youth Movement takes on a transnational campaign, targeting logistics giant Maersk which has transported over USD 300 million in weapons components to US arms manufacturers

Waffle House workers win major raise after months of campaigning

Waffle House workers are celebrating the announcement as a victory as a result of struggle and vow to continue fighting for 25 dollars per hour

61% in US are against sending aid to Israel

The movement for Palestine in the US has mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to oppose the US policy of unshakable support for Israel. Last Saturday, 100,000 surrounded the White House as part of the “people’s red line” against genocide