Jens Stoltenberg
Germany swims or sinks with NATO

The US is re-energizing its coalition with Germany and Poland for the next phase of the Ukraine war. But, the German public is conflicted over this war

Ukraine's NATO bid Biden walks back on Ukraine’s NATO accession

The heart of the matter is that Biden realizes that the ongoing Ukrainian offensive is heading for a train crash and the decimation of Kiev’s remaining army

Russia-Ukraine war Russia won’t let Ukraine be a bleeding wound

NATO expected the Ukrainian forces to punch through key Russian fortifications by now. In reality, they are struggling to get anywhere near the sprawling layered fortifications and in that desperate attempt, are taking massive losses

Why Turkey and Hungary are currently blocking Sweden from joining NATO

Sweden’s position on the Kurdish population in Turkey and on Hungary’s right-wing government has thwarted its entry into NATO.

Ukraine war: The short view

Russia has the capability to launch a “big arrow” offensive towards the Dnieper but the Kremlin’s preference is to continue to grind down the Ukrainian military — a strategy that proved cost-effective in human and material terms, productive, and sustainable. Depending on the trajectory of the Ukrainian offensive, Russia has the option to switch to a massive attack to pulverize the adversary

Russia-Ukraine war Ukraine: Stalemate in an attritional war?

What neocons in the US are yet to grasp is that they failed to subjugate Russia despite the humiliations poured on its national honor, history and enviously rich culture. Why would Russia normalize with states that appropriated its sovereign wealth and imposed such draconian sanctions to bleed and weaken its economy

Finland joins NATO Finland becomes 31st NATO member, Russia warns of escalation 

Despite Russia raising its national security concerns, the Cold War-era, US-led military alliance has consistently expanded around its borders since 1990

Biden bullies China. But it won’t work

The balloon affair can be regarded as a defining moment. It exposes that while China was approaching Blinken’s visit in good faith with the purpose of finding constructive ways forward, Washington didn’t view things the same way

Sweden hustled into military pact with US

The US and NATO assumed that it would be easy to convince Turkey to let Sweden enter NATO. However, Erdoğan kept shifting the goal post and refined his conditions

Russia-Ukraine Conflict West at inflection point in Ukraine War

Paradoxically, the long war in Ukraine could only work to Russia’s advantage and the West’s over-extension may be its own undoing

Specter of war is haunting Europe

The release of two crucial documents in Moscow implies that it is under no illusion that the US strategy is about cornering Russia and browbeat it on the global stage

Mapping Faultlines: Tensions escalate on Russia-Ukraine border

In this episode of Mapping Faultlines, NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the emerging crisis on the Russia-Ukraine border which has been fueled by the US and its allies