Romanians hold massive anti-government rally demanding fair justice system

The march took place on the first anniversary of a violent police crackdown on anti-corruption protests in the country last year. They demanded a change in the government

August 13, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
The Romanian government has come under criticism for its attempts to protect those involved in corruption.

Tens of thousands of Romanians marched in Bucharest on August 10, demanding the resignation of the government and a fair justice system. The march was organized on the first anniversary of the brutal police crackdown on protestors who had marched in the city against the same government. Over 450 protesters were injured in the incident, which was condemned across Europe.

Perspective Online reported that on Saturday night, more than 25,000 demonstrators gathered at Victory Square in Bucharest, chanting slogans such as “Down with the government!” and “Thieves!” They protested against the widespread corruption, as well as the incompetence of the Romanian government and its authorities.

According to the Balkan Insights, even though the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD)  shrugged off the protests as a ploy by the opposition to destabilize the government, there has been widespread discontent and outrage among Romanians against the goverment.

The PSD has been trying to dilute anti-corruption laws in the country since it assumed office in December 2016. It faced a massive setback in the European Parliament elections held this year, receiving only 22.51% of the votes as compared to its 45% vote share in the 2016 national elections. The PSD received another blow in the referendum on justice system held on the same day, in which more than 80% people voted in support of banning political amnesties for corrupt politicians and the government’s use of decrees to reform the justice system.