Peace is nowhere on the horizon as Ukraine war completes two years

Two years into the war, Ukraine has suffered a significant setback with the fall of Avdiivka. However, neither this defeat nor the failure of its counter-offensive has led to calls for peace, either from its rulers or western allies

Romania elections
Social Democrats re-emerge as single largest party in Romanian elections

The Social Democrats (PSD) dominated the electoral scene in Romania since 1989 but were removed from power last year after a popular protest against alleged government corruption 

Health workers Protest - Romania
Romanian health workers demand improved working conditions

Health workers under the leadership of the Sanitas Federation of Romania are protesting lack of proper infrastructure in hospitals and have demanded the implementation of the promised wage hike

Romania govt.
New coalition government expected to take Romania further to the right

Left-wing and progressive sections in Romania are concerned about the socio-economic policies of the incipient right-wing coalition government, which is likely to be voted in on November 4

Romanians hold massive anti-government rally demanding fair justice system

The march took place on the first anniversary of a violent police crackdown on anti-corruption protests in the country last year. They demanded a change in the government

Victory for Romanian LGBTQ Activists, Conservative Groups’ led Referendum Fails
Victory for Romanian LGBTQ activists as ‘anti-same sex’ referendum fails

The referendum in Romania got annulled due to low voter turnout despite desperate efforts by the government and allied conservative groups. The referendum sought to redefine the concept of the family in the constitution

What is behind the unceasing waves of protest in Romania?

Repeated attempts by the government to amend laws, ostensibly to protect those accused in corruption cases, has infuriated residents who have taken to the streets on numerous occasions