Left demands legislation to address housing crisis in Luxembourg

The Left party in Luxembourg has called for a law to protect tenants from the rampant speculation in the real estate market, following several reports indicating an alarming increase in housing rents by 10-12% in 2018 alone

September 13, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
Housing prices
The Left has urged the government in Luxembourg to address the real estate bubble in the country, leading to the rising prices of house rentals. (Photo: Chris Karaba)

The Left (Dei Lenk) in Luxembourg has called on the government in the country to protect tenants from the alarming rise in real estate prices. It has advocated the enlargement of public housing stock and the adoption of laws to curb soaring rents, by placing checks against land and real estate speculation by large groups of developers.

Reports by the Habitat Observatory, which are also validated by Luxembourg government agency STATEC, state that the housing rents in the country have increased by 10-12% in 2018 alone. Many households are spending more than half their income on apartment rentals. Decent housing has become a luxury in Luxembourg, leading to the impoverishment of more and more people. The Left has accused successive governments in the country of having failed to address this serious problem so far.

The party proposed two laws regarding the housing issue in parliament – Proposal No. 7094 on November 15, 2016 and No. 7257 on March 1, 2018. The first law proposed that the commission fees for real estate agencies be borne by the limited partner (who is usually the owner). It also limits the rental guarantee to the equivalent of only one rent. The second proposal attempts to curb rising rents, as well as create a national commission to oversee compliance with lease conditions and safety regulations.

In a statement issued by the Left on September 11, a request has been made to the president of the Housing Commission, Henri Kox, to put these bills on the agenda of the commission.