Housing crisis
Austrian communists make a breakthrough in Salzburg municipal polls

With a surge in their popularity in cities like Graz and Salzburg, communists hope to enter the parliament in the elections this year

In Portugal’s elections, conservatives take the lead even as far-right surges

The Socialist Party (PS) government, which had been in power in Portugal since 2015, was forced to resign in November when Prime Minister António Costa and some of his ministers got mired in a corruption scandal over lucrative lithium and green hydrogen projects

For survivors of Johannesburg building fire, justice must include dignified housing

While a commission is probing the uSindiso building fire, that killed 76, social justice organizations have amplified calls to address the severe lack of affordable housing

Dutch protests rising poverty Socialists in the Netherlands accuse government of failing to combat rising poverty

Proposals in the 2024 budget presented by the caretaker government on Prince’s Day have been deemed as inadequate to mitigate the rise in poverty amid a severe cost of living and housing crisis

Student Housing - Ireland Students in Ireland protest housing crisis ahead of new academic year

Student groups have demanded effective legislation to protect students from exploitation by rent sharks and housing scams. A recent study showed that half the students surveyed were sharing a room with three or more people

Maui wildfire devastation exposes the legacy of colonialism

The worst natural disaster in Hawaiian history is still blazing, where Indigenous residents are being pushed out of their homes

World’s richest city says “no more room” left for desperate migrants

New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams tells migrants fleeing violence and poverty “We have no more room in the city”

Why are there no slums in China?

Walking through China’s cities, you will quickly notice the absence of large slums or pervasive homelessness common to the rest of the world

6-07 Right to housing - Berlin Housing rights coalition asks Berlin government to socialize corporate-owned housing properties

An expert committee constituted to assess the feasibility and legality of implementing the mandate of the 2021 Berlin referendum submitted its final report last month. The report states that the expropriation of properties of real estate firms with 3,000 or more units is legally permissible

16-05 Local Elections - Luxembourg Communists in Luxembourg stress housing, social rights in manifesto for upcoming local elections

Elections are set to take place for the governing councils of 100 communes which are of the status of municipalities on June 11. The Communist Party of Luxembourg has said it will strive to ensure that municipalities actually belong to the inhabitants

24-04 Austrian State Election Austrian communists enter Salzburg State Assembly for the first time since 1949

The alliance led by KPÖ performed particularly well in the city of Salzburg, securing 21.8% of the votes and emerging as the second largest force. The regional election saw the incumbent Christian Democrat-Green-Liberal coalition lose its majority

Students' Protest - Amsterdam (1) Students demand affordable housing in the Netherlands 

Projects to expand student housing in the Kronenburg suburb of Amsterdam have been blocked by the government, citing noise pollution by aircrafts around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol