Italian organizations demand release of veteran communist Nicoletta Dosio

The 73-year-old Nicoletta Dosio was arrested for her involvement in a 2012 protest against the proposed Turin–-Lyon high-speed rail project, also known as the TAV

January 02, 2020 by Peoples Dispatch
Nicoletta Dosio was arrested in Turin on December 30.

The progressive sectors of Italian society have expressed shock and outrage at the arrest and imprisonment of 73- old-year veteran communist and activist Nicoletta Dosio. She was arrested and imprisoned in Turin on December 30 in relation to a 2012 protest against the Turin–Lyon high-speed railway organized by the No TAV campaign.

Various events have been organized across Italy, including in Rome, Pisa, Milan, Bologna and Florence, in solidarity with Nicoletta Dosio and calling for her immediate release.

On January 1, she wrote from prison, “I’m fine. I am happy with the choice I made because it is the result of a just and beautiful cause – the NoTav struggle which is also the struggle for a different model of society and stems from the awareness that the present one is not the only one of the possible world”.

Potere al Popolo (Power to People) condemned the arrest of Nicoletta and said that “it supports Nicoletta’s courageous and proud choice and will support the No Tav Movement in initiatives of solidarity and against the militarization of the Susa Valley, with national and territorial mobilizations, because the struggle of the Valley is our struggle”.

The Communist Refoundation Party also expressed solidarity with Nicoletta and participated in various events that called for her immediate release.

The No TAV movement was started in the Susa Valley of Italy in 1990 in opposition to the proposed Turin–Lyon high-speed/high-capacity railway project, the TAV (Treno ad Alta Velocità). The movement questions the viability, cost, and safety of the project and its actualization, and condemns it for being driven by European construction lobbies.