In an outrageous move, Lithuanian government asks socialist leader to prove sanity

Activists have criticized the Lithuanian government for attempting to label socialist leader Giedrius Grabauskas as insane, the latest move in their campaign of repression of socialists and anti-fascists

March 06, 2020 by Peoples Dispatch
Lithuania socialists
Giedrius Grabauskas is the co-chairman of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania.

As the conservative coalition government in Lithuania intensifies its crackdown on anti-fascists and progressives in the country, the state prosecutors’ office has instructed human rights activist Giedrius Grabauskas to undergo a psychiatric examination to prove his sanity. Grabauskas is the co-chairman of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania and has been active in campaigns against the glorification of Nazis and towards raising awareness about their crimes.

On March 4, Tuesday, Grabauskas told RuBaltic that he had received such instructions from the prosecutor’s office after he returned from Moscow to Lithuania. Progressive sections in the country have accused the Lithuanian state of whitewashing the crimes of Nazi collaborators during the holocaust. The Jewish community in Lithuania alleges that Nazis and other organizations like the Forest Brothers witch-hunted Jews in the country during World War II. Criticism is being raised that the government is attempting to portray Grabauskas as insane because he has highlighted such atrocities. 

Eurasia Daily reported that youth leader Alexey Greychus and Klaipeda City Council deputy Ella Andreeva were also arrested recently on similar grounds. Alexey Greychus was the organizer of the Immortal Regiment march in Klaipeda. 

Political repression has become a regular affair in Lithuania. Russo-phobia is the guiding principle of the government in its pursuit of silencing opposition and the progressives in the country. Earlier, in October 2018, Lithuanian state arrested and incarcerated Algirdas Paleckis, founder of the socialist Frontas Party, on charges of “intending to kidnap prosecutors” and of being a Russian spy.