World War II
An anniversary the West would rather forget

The anniversary of an epochal event from the annals of modern history, the Siege of Leningrad, is coming up in another 10 days. While it remains a living memory for the Russian people, it is an occasion that the US and many of its European allies would rather not remember

South Korea’s top court upholds compensation for victims of Japan’s forced wartime labor

South Korea’s Supreme Court has upheld lower court orders to two Japanese companies to compensate 11 forced wartime labor victims

Nazi SS Veteran receives standing ovation in Canadian parliament

Polish education minister claims he is “taking steps” for the Canadian-Ukrainian Nazi’s extradition

Germany arms supply to Ukraine Germany creates equity in western Ukraine

Germany is playing the long game. It is creating equity in western Ukraine where it is not Russia but Poland that is its contender as it is entirely conceivable that the ongoing war will radically change the territorial boundaries of Ukraine in the east and south

9-05 Victory Day - Europe Communists across Europe mark 78th anniversary of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany

Soviet red flags were raised in Victory Day celebrations across Europe, despite a ban on the display of Soviet and Russian flags in several countries including Germany

23-03 Khatyn Massacre - Belarus Belarusians pay tribute to victims of Khatyn massacre on its 80th anniversary

During World War II, on March 22, 1943, Nazi troops and collaborators burned down Khatyn village near Minsk and killed its 149 inhabitants

Anti-fascist Protest - Hungary Anti-fascists protest annual neo-Nazi gathering in Budapest 

Progressives slammed the Hungarian government as well as the police authorities, accusing them of covertly supporting neo-Nazi events that glorify Nazi war criminals and their collaborators

Stalingrad Victory Communists celebrate 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazis at Stalingrad 

In the historic five-month-long battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 to February 1943), the Soviet Red Army and partisans defeated the invading Nazi forces, marking the beginning of the Nazi retreat and defeat in World War II

Serbia Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabić Anti-fascists in Serbia slam bid to rehabilitate notorious Chetnik commander 

A Serbian court in Valjevo has ruled in favor of a petition to rehabilitate Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabić, who perpetrated gruesome acts of violence against Croats, Bosniaks and communists during World War II

Victory Day - Europe Progressives across Europe mark 77th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany

The Victory Day celebrations were held even as anti-communist and anti-Russian sections across Europe have been trying to undermine the role of the Soviet Union in defeating the Nazi Germany during World War II

Zagreb liberation Bonfires mark 77th anniversary of Zagreb’s liberation from fascism

As official EU marks Europe Day, anti-fascist networks in Croatia remember the liberation of Zagreb from Nazi-allied Ustaša rule

Europe is sleepwalking into another World War

Portuguese intellectual Boaventura de Sousa Santos reflects on the wrecklessness with which US and Europe are advancing to yet another violent conflict of global dimensions