North Macedonian Left party slams govt. for endorsing US aggression against Cuba

Foreign ministers of 20 nations including North Macedonia have endorsed a document by the US secretary of state towards supporting the ongoing US efforts to destabilize the communist regime in Cuba

August 03, 2021 by Peoples Dispatch
Leftists solidarity with Cuba-North Macedonia
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On Thursday, July 29, North Macedonian leftist party Levica criticized the country’s government and foreign minister for endorsing the maneuvers of the US in Cuba. North Macedonian foreign minister Bujar Osmani is one of the signatories of a document published by the US Department of State on July 26 that practically supports interference in Cuba’s internal affairs and opens the possibility for intervention in the island nation. The Foreign Policy and Security Committee of Levica criticized the incumbent government for making North Macedonia an active participant in the imperialist policies of the US.

The US has recently been involved in whipping up ‘peoples unrest’ against the communist government in Cuba. It has also imposed back-to-back sanctions against Cuba, which are widely perceived as imperialist tactics of intimidation. The majority of Cuban citizens and progressive sections across the world have condemned these attempts to destabilize the Cuban government and have demanded the US to lift the sanctions and embargoes against Cuba which have been in place for decades. 

Along with the North Macedonian foreign minister, officials of 19 other countries have endorsed the statement by the US secretary of state which calls for intensifying their intervention in Cuba to destabilize the government. Earlier, Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel accused the US of trying to stir up an internal social catastrophe in Cuba by “seeking international ‘humanitarian missions’ that would result in invasions and military intervention.”

Levica stated that “signing of the US Department of State document is in support of military interventions whose task is to completely destroy a Socialist Republic, leave behind devastation, many innocent victims and irreparable material and non-material damages. Violation of sovereignty and interference in the internal affairs of Cuba by Macedonia must not occur.”

“We remind you that Macedonia was an accomplice of the United States in the 22-year war in Afghanistan, which is proof that ‘humanitarian intervention’ is an imperialist lie. The war in which the Macedonian army took part turned Afghanistan into a country where 42% of the population (over 13 million people) are ‘at risk of starvation’. The country is the third most malnourished country in the world,” Levica added.

Levica also noted that Cuba had offered help to North Macedonia in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis in October 2020, and “today, Macedonia is a supporter and accomplice in the ‘destruction’ of a state that offered us help.”