US imperialism
The United States assembles the Squad against China

The US has relaunched its military cooperation alliance under a new name “the Squad”, but with the same goal: to counter and “contain” China

US announces military exercise in Guyana and Venezuela responds: “Threat to regional peace”

US Embassy says it is working to “defend the country”; Venezuelan Foreign Minister says action is “provocation”

Movements affirm that imperialism is in decline, but mass struggle more necessary than ever

Hundreds of members of trade unions, people’s movements, and left political parties from across the world gathered in the Venezuelan capital for the World Gathering for a Social Alternative

Vijay Prashad: “Socialism or ruin”

Vijay Prashad spoke about the concept hyper imperialism and how the people of the world need to defeat it

What the US media isn’t telling you about the protests in Cuba

US authorities and corporate media have given extensive coverage of protests which took place in eastern Cuba in response to deteriorating conditions which Cubans say are a product of US policies themselves

US soldier self-immolates in opposition to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The 25-year-old active duty member of the Air Force yelled “Free Palestine” as he was engulfed in flames and fell to the floor

US Senate is one step closer to sending billions to Israel

Senators are attempting to push through a USD 95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan by Wednesday

US anti-war activists confront Senators, who are doubling down on support for Israel

The US government pushes for further escalation while the Palestine solidarity movement organizes for peace

What’s behind Ethiopia’s overtures toward recognition of Somaliland?

At a time when Israel’s shipping through Red Sea has been blocked by Ansarallah in Yemen, control over the coast of Somaliland to its south across the Gulf of Aden, has become strategically crucial for Western powers, Elias Amare, former editor of HOA TV, told Peoples Dispatch in an interview

US war drive against China undeterred by Taiwanese election setback

In terms of the current US-led anti-China war drive, the results of the 2024 Taiwanese elections were mixed

Nordic countries surrender their historic neutrality and sign military deals with the United States

In less than a month, the US has signed three separate defense agreements with countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, to ramp up the militarization in the Nordic region

South Korea’s top court upholds compensation for victims of Japan’s forced wartime labor

South Korea’s Supreme Court has upheld lower court orders to two Japanese companies to compensate 11 forced wartime labor victims