Communists in Finland gear up for general elections

The parliamentary elections are being held as Finland sheds its traditional neutrality and seeks to join NATO. The communists in the country have opposed the move

February 23, 2023 by Peoples Dispatch
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Finland (SKP) members at the Lenin statue in Kotka during the party conference in 2022. (Photo: via Emma Grönqvist)

 The Communist Party of Finland (SKP) announced its 64 candidates and released its manifesto for the parliamentary elections in the country scheduled for April 2. In the backdrop of the ongoing imperialist wars and conflicts, the SKP has raised the call of “Money for prosperity, not for arms!’ as its motto in the election campaign. The current government in power in Finland is a coalition of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Center Party, the Green League, the Left Alliance, and the Swedish People Party, and is headed by Sanna Marin. The right-wing Finns Party and the National Coalition are the major opposition parties in the 200-seat parliament.

According to a SKP press release on February 22, the party is contesting 11 out of the 13 multi-member constituencies in the country. In its election manifesto, the SKP called for a fundamental change in the direction of policy to deal with the financial crisis in public services, the energy and environmental crises, war, and democratic deficit. 

The elections are taking place against the backdrop of continuing war in Ukraine, which has led to political ramifications in Finland and surrounding regions. In April last year, Finland and Sweden announced their willingness to join NATO, reversing their traditional policy of neutrality. The SKP has been protesting Finland’s bid for NATO membership, and has also denounced the increase in defense spending.

In its statement, the SKP claimed that “the government has left the so-called wellbeing services counties without sufficient funding and responses to wildly galloping inflation have been inadequate and the purchasing power of wages has not been taken care of.”

“It is precisely these funds that would now be poured into militarism,” the party said. It also added, “We can afford to make our society more crisis-resistant if we so decide. We are not forced to put up with the constant state of emergency and increasing inequality.”