Ana Vračar
Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza besieged again by Israeli forces

Israeli forces besiege Al-Awda Hospital in Jabaliya as more Palestinian health workers killed in West Bank

UK High Court grants Julian Assange opportunity to appeal extradition

Julian Assange was granted another opportunity to appeal his extradition to the US after the UK High Court found US assurances of a fair trial inadequate

Far-right rises to power in coalition government in Croatia

The formation of a new government in Croatia by center-right and far-right parties is sparking concerns about media freedom, the rights of ethnic minorities, and the potential sell-off of public resources

Emirati Maternity Hospital in Gaza stops admitting patients, deepening the health crisis

As Israel shuts down border crossings and continues to threaten an invasion of Rafah, the few remaining hospitals in the Gaza Strip are preparing to stop admissions

Sunak’s government targets asylum seekers to improve election chances

Rishi Sunak’s government is advancing its plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda to boost its poll numbers, despite ongoing resistance

Zagreb’s anti-fascist flame: a decade of liberation celebrations and resistance

Zagreb marked a decade of revived liberation celebrations this weekend, as citizens gathered to reignite bonfires commemorating the end of Nazi and Ustaša occupation

Israeli forces tortured a surgeon to death, the latest in Israel’s targeting of Gaza’s health workers

The killing of another surgeon in Israeli custody highlights the ongoing targeting of health workers amid the war on Gaza

Croatian Democratic Union secures most mandates in parliamentary elections

The Croatian Democratic Union secured the most mandates in the parliamentary elections on April 17, outpacing center and green options. The results of the election suggest a likely shift to the right

Israel has ripped the heart out of Gaza’s health system by destroying Al-Shifa Hospital

Through its latest vicious set of attacks against healthcare in Gaza, Israel leaves no doubts that it is set to destroy all remaining health infrastructure in the Strip

Executions, detentions, and sexual violence: Israel’s brutal siege on Al-Shifa Hospital

People sheltering at Al-Shifa Hospital give accounts on even more violence and humiliation as Israeli forces carry out some of the worst attacks yet

Israel’s blocking of aid to Gaza is a weapon in its brutal war against Palestinians

Israel has defied ICJ’s interim verdict as well as a UN Security Council resolution calling for increased access to aid. It has instead deliberately blocking aid, causing a massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza

In a flagrant violation of international law, Israel intensifies siege of Nasser Medical Complex

After over 20 days of besieging Nasser Medical Complex, Israeli occupation forces attacked thousands of people sheltering inside the hospital