Bappa Sinha
El miedo a la IA es exagerado, y he aquí por qué

Los modelos de IA no tienen ningún nivel de comprensión similar al humano, pero son geniales para engañar a la gente haciéndoles creer que son inteligentes repitiendo como loros el vasto corpus de texto que han ingerido.

The fear of AI is overblown—and here’s why

AI Models do not have any level of human-like understanding but are great at fooling people into believing they are intelligent by parroting the vast trove of text they have ingested.

ChatGPT The chatbot that is dangerously good

ChatGPT has generated a great deal of excitement as well as fears of redundancy of certain professions. However, it is vital to look at who is funding and developing this technology, who it will benefit, and who will get left out

Why cryptocurrencies must die

The world does not need cryptocurrency, a haven for criminal activities that undermines State sovereignty and hurts people and the environment

US snooping Paying Uncle Sam for stealing our secrets

Recent media reports revealed the extent of US and German intelligence control of the Swiss company, Crypto AG. Through this company, they hacked into encrypted communications of a huge number of countries