Lucas Estanislau
“Food sovereignty guarantees a future”: International conference of La Via Campesina begins in Colombia

More than 180 movements from across the world are taking part in the conference which has emphasized the situations in Colombia and Palestine

US announces temporary suspension of sanctions against Venezuelan oil and gas

The measure lasts 6 months and renewal depends on compliance with electoral agreement; this is a “diplomatic victory,” says Caracas

“Sanctions have lethal effect”: Intellectuals call for end to US blockade on Cuba and Venezuela

More than 50 academics responded to Democratic senator who dismissed, without evidence, the humanitarian impacts of sanctions

Boric appoints new Chilean ambassador to Venezuela

In spite of the government’s hostility towards Maduro, Chile becomes 5th South American country to normalize relations with Caracas after the Guaidó crisis

Venezuela and Brazil formally restore ties

Maduro is expected to travel to Brasilia for a summit with Lula next week where they may sign cooperation agreements

Petro meets with Biden and asks for an end to sanctions against Venezuela

Colombian president proposed an electoral timeline linked to the elimination of sanctions: ‘for the people to decide freely’

What is known about the corruption investigation in Venezuela’s state-owned oil company

An operation that began last Friday has already arrested judges, the mayor, and other public officials

After 3 years under Guaidó’s control, Colombia returns state-owned petrochemical company to Venezuela

Colombian government ratifies Caracas-appointed board; decision ends Guaidó’s control over company