Muhammed Shabeer
Threat of war looms over Europe as NATO drill goes full-throttle

Steadfast Defender 2024, the biggest NATO drill since the end of theCold War, involving more than 90,000 military personnel from 31 member countries and Sweden is underway in Europe

Turkish communists protest NATO expansion as parliament votes to lift veto on Sweden’s entry

Various communist groups in Turkey have reiterated their demand for Turkey’s exit from NATO and the closure of all NATO bases in the country

Protests erupt in Germany after exposure of far-right conspiracy to deport migrants en masse

An investigative report has exposed a far-right plot, hatched during a meeting in November, to deport migrants en masse from Germany

Right-wing in European Parliament torpedoes resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The preconditions for a permanent ceasefire set by the right-wing bloc caved to Israel’s excuses for continuing onslaught against Gaza

Calls to prosecute Israel for war crimes grow louder in Europe

Anti-imperialist groups across Europe will observe January 13 as the Day of Action for Gaza, to mark the 100th day of Israel’s ongoing genocidal war

Anti-imperialists slam Greece’s involvement in US operation against Yemen

The conservative New Democracy government announced that it will send a Hellenic Navy Frigate to the Red Sea to join the US-led “Operation Prosperity Guardian” to counter Yemen’s Ansar Allah’s naval blockade against Israel

Nordic countries surrender their historic neutrality and sign military deals with the United States

In less than a month, the US has signed three separate defense agreements with countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, to ramp up the militarization in the Nordic region

Macron makes the far right’s anti-immigrant program his own

The legislators from the conservative and the far-right parties voted for Emmanuel Macron’s bill calling to impose tougher regulations on immigrants to obtain French citizenship and other social benefits. Working class movements and anti-racism groups have called for a joint protest against the implementation of the bill.

The people reclaim the Dublin streets rampaged by right-wing mobs

Following the outbreak of violent riots perpetuated by far-right groups, Irish working class groups marched in solidarity with those affected by the xenophobic violence

Raquel Varela on Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and the struggle for rights today

Raquel Varela speaks to Peoples Dispatch about Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and its legacy in the country’s politics today

Poland elections PiS Poland’s Law and Justice party launches hyper-nationalist campaign in hopes to win third term

The conservative government in Poland has courted widespread criticism for subjugating the judiciary and attacking abortion rights. It is also facing growing public discontent over its over-stretched support for the war in Ukraine at the expense of Polish citizens

Afd Conference - Germany First as tragedy, then as a farce: AfD recalibrates the slogan ‘Germany first’ 

The far-right party’s ‘Germany first’ campaign in many ways resembles the Nazi campaign for German supremacy propagated during the Hitler era, marked with militarism and racism