Peoples Dispatch
Peruvian legislators present impeachment motion against de-facto President Dina Boluarte

The vacancy motion was presented due to the deaths of dozens of demonstrators in repression by security forces during the protests that have been taking place since last December

Former US President Trump incited a right-wing insurrection. But that’s not why he’s being indicted

A Manhattan grand jury has indicted Trump in connection to hush money that he allegedly paid to cover up an affair. This does not even scratch the surface of his many crimes

Former Starbucks head in the hot seat

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz testified in front of the US Senate as the company faces huge criticism for union-busting tactics. So far, 293 Starbucks stores across 37 states are unionized

Peru announces definitive withdrawal of ambassador from Colombia

The decision came days after Colombian President Gustavo Petro lamented former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s absence at the Ibero-American Summit

Conservatives in the US want the Cuban people to overthrow their own government—or else

Republican politicians want to keep Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list unless Cubans “transition away from the Castro regime”

Tragedy in Ciudad Juárez highlights dangers faced by migrants

The tragic event shines a light on the multitude of dangers facing the hundreds of thousands of migrants who set off on perilous journeys to the US each year in the hope of a better life

75.92% turnout in Cuba’s legislative elections

The newly elected members of the National Assembly will assume office on April 19, and the same day, will elect the new President and Vice President of Cuba

Education workers in Los Angeles just won a resounding victory

LAUSD workers secured increases on their poverty wages after a historic 65,000-strong strike last week

Uruguayans march against President Lacalle Pou’s pension reform

The union leaders have urged the national government to call for a national dialogue to address the concerns raised by the majority of the Uruguayan working class

Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi expelled from parliament after defamation conviction

The move came a day after Rahul Gandhi was sentenced to two years in prison in a defamation case. His conviction, as well as his expulsion, has been criticized by the opposition, civil society and legal experts

Resistance to pension reform in France intensifies

Trade unions and left groups in France have escalated protests against the unpopular pension reforms which were passed recently by the government

Peruvians demand justice following death of protester who was shot with 36 lead pellets by police

According to Peru’s Ombudsman’s Office, with the death of 22-year-old Rosalino Florez Valverde, the death toll from state repression of anti-government and anti-congress protests rose to 67