Peoples Dispatch
Days after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, Iran announces elections in June

As per the Iranian constitution, fresh elections must be held within 50 days of the death or resignation of the incumbent president

Early election declared by Sunak: UK to vote on July 4

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called for a general election on July 4, with Labour leading the Tories in the polls

US officials threaten sanctions over ICC warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant

“If they’ll do this to Israel, we’re next,” US Senator says, with bipartisan support building for ICC sanctions

India’s BJP faces ire of farmers in final phase of elections

The ruling Modi government has failed to implement key agreements made with the farmers’ movement and is now facing protest after protest by farmers’ organizations on the campaign trail

Israeli forces conduct deadly raid in Jenin refugee camp

Seven Palestinians, including a 50-year-old surgeon on his way to work, were killed by Israeli forces

Hundreds of thousands march in London to commemorate Nakba day

The protesters demanded an immediate ceasefire, restoration of full aid and an end to the embargo on Gaza.

ICC applies for arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant

ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan issued warrants for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister, as well as for three Hamas leaders

Confrontations continue over planned voting rules change in New Caledonia

Violent confrontations erupted in New Caledonia last week in response to French lawmakers’ plans to change voting rules, jeopardizing the rights of the Kanak population

Death toll rises to 154 in Rio Grande do Sul tragedy

More than 2 million people are affected by the floods in Brazil and more rain forecasted in the coming days throughout the country

Three killed in Pakistan protesting rise in the prices of essential commodities

Since the government signed a deal with the IMF, mass protests have occurred regularly against the massive reduction in state subsidies on essential commodities which has in turn driven up the prices of electricity and food items

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico injured in assassination attempt

Robert Fico was seriously injured in an assassination attempt in the town of Handlová while he was meeting supporters

Argentine social movements denounce illegal raids by government

Mass organizations in Argentina denounced the police raids as political persecution by the right-wing government and said they were in an attempt to crush the opposition to Milei’s anti-people policies