Pedro Marin
The not-so-discreet US campaign to pressure Brazil’s foreign policy

There is an agenda behind the recent media coverage on the supposed “pressure campaign” carried out by US officials to prevent a coup by Bolsonaro and his supporters. These reports are in fact in favor of the US government’s interests in Brazilian foreign policy

The role of the Brazilian military in the coup attempt

Members of the military are being investigated as part of the investigation into the January 8 invasion by Bolsonaristas in Brasilia

What will Lula’s foreign policy look like?

Lula’s incoming government has an immense challenge ahead to repair historic relations and alliances which were undermined by Bolsonaro

Tras la victoria, ¿cómo será la política exterior de Lula?

El gobierno entrante de Lula tiene por delante el inmenso desafío de reparar relaciones y alianzas históricas que fueron socavadas por Bolsonaro