Peoples Health Dispatch
Over 100 Palestinian health workers are still being illegally detained by Israel

The fate of over 100 imprisoned Gaza health workers remains unknown as media reports on deaths during interrogations emerge

Presence of dengue in Europe raises public health concerns

An increase in local dengue transmissions reported by EU public health agencies has raised concerns about outbreak risks as climate change makes the region more suitable for Aedes mosquitoes

Israel ataca la salud y la alimentación de los palestinos

La mitad de la población de Gaza podría morir de hambre en un mes, mientras que la atención sanitaria en Cisjordania es cada vez más inaccesible debido a las obstrucciones de las fuerzas israelíes.

Starvation and healthcare collapse loom over Gaza

Starvation in Gaza, exacerbated by Israeli armed forces’ violence, is killing children

Nepal’s community health workers advance in struggle for job security and recognition

Representatives of Nepal’s Female Community Health Volunteers joined trade union delegations at the annual ILO meeting to advocate for job security and recognition

Healthcare in the West Bank under siege as Gaza nears starvation

Half of Gaza’s population may face starvation within a month, while healthcare in the West Bank is becoming increasingly inaccessible due to obstructions by Israeli forces

WHA77 sees heated debate over Gaza health amid ongoing attacks

Discussions about health in Palestine intensify at the World Health Assembly as Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue

Pandemic Treaty faces uncertain future as World Health Assembly begins

The 77th World Health Assembly has begun amid delays in pandemic response negotiations and ongoing assaults on healthcare in Palestine

Community Health Workers across South Africa mobilize ahead of election

South Africa’s Community Health Workers protest for insourcing and essential rights with the support of trade unions and health movements

Tens of thousands infected with Hepatitis C and HIV in UK blood contamination scandal

The results of an inquiry confirmed that around 30,000 people in the United Kingdom received Hepatitis C and HIV-infected transfusions between 1970 and 1991

On Nakba Day, Israel kills more health workers in Gaza, forces field hospitals to shut down

As Nakba Day is commemorated, Israeli forces killed another health worker and continued to threaten health services in the Gaza Strip

Foreign recruitment of nurses Germany, Brazil On Nurses Day, struggles continue for better conditions amid unfulfilled promises

Ahead of another International Nurses Day on May 12, health workers continue to struggle for fair working conditions and safe staffing levels in the sector