Roger McKenzie
The Global South is done waiting for the UN to solve humanity’s challenges

The UN is, and has been for some time, a pretty meaningless institution that merely acts as a useful idiot when the White House decides it has some role to perform in protecting US interests. Many countries of the Global South are now seeing much more value in creating structures that take their interests into account

La sencilla razón del por qué los Estados Unidos quieren “dominación de espectro completo” del planeta

Estados Unidos exige que el mundo se incline ante su liderazgo. Si no lo hace, se enfrenta a toda la fuerza del complejo militar-industrial internacional controlado por Estados Unidos.

The simple reason why the US wants ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the Earth

The United States demands that the world bow down to its leadership. A failure to do so is met with the full force of the international military-industrial complex controlled by the US

There’s an international media war for the truth about who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline

In response to Seymour Hersh’s explosive expose of the US role in sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines, western media outlets are hard at work trying to blame an unknown pro-Ukrainian group

Now is the time for nonalignment and peace

As countries in the Global North push to escalate the war in Ukraine, the Global South has overwhelmingly pushed for a perspective of dialogue and peace. Roger McKenzie and Vijay Prashad reflect on the need to create a fresh Non-Aligned Movement