Pakistan seeks to increase economic cooperation with China

Pakistan claims it shares a common world view with China of creating a “global community of shared future and wish to imitate Chinese development model to improve the lives of common Pakistanis

China, Russia and Iran call on the West to restore nuclear deal

The US unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and immediately imposed stringent sanctions on Iran, making all possibilities of JCPOA revival difficult

China launches large military exercises around Taiwan, calls it a warning against separatists

Though Taiwan is internationally recognized as part of China, successive US administrations have openly backed separatist claims and provided military and financial support to them

The United States assembles the Squad against China

The US has relaunched its military cooperation alliance under a new name “the Squad”, but with the same goal: to counter and “contain” China

China, Russia, Iran naval drills challenge US domination of the seas

The naval exercise carried out by the three countries was noteworthy given the geostrategic importance of the Gulf of Oman and the increased cooperation between the countries at a time of growing threats from the United States

US war drive against China undeterred by Taiwanese election setback

In terms of the current US-led anti-China war drive, the results of the 2024 Taiwanese elections were mixed

Lai Ching-te’s victory in Taiwanese presidential election tempered by parliamentary loss

In a divided mandate, Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party won the presidency in the island territory with less than half the votes while his party lost its parliamentary majority

The elections in Taiwan are consequential for regional peace

A vice-president with a diminished popularity and a divided opposition are set to battle it out in an election that has the potential to affect peace and stability in East Asia

Understanding the latest US restrictions on chip exports to China

The latest measures aim to limit China’s AI technological development; though specialists think it will have a limited impact

Dedollarization: 95% of trade between China and Russia is no longer done in US currency

Russia and China exceeded their transaction target for trade of USD 200 billion before the end of the year

On the strategic relationship between Venezuela and China

Hugo Chávez understood earlier than other Latin American left-wing leaders the rising Asian power’s commitment to build a multipolar world

McCarthyism is leading us to war

As the US is scrambling to maintain its hegemony, anti-war voices critical of US militarization policy in the war in Ukraine or around China are red-baited and silenced