Senior Iranian commander killed in Israeli bombing in Syria

The terrorist attack against the Iranian consulate in Damascus assassinated senior commander of the IRGC, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, in a major escalation

Israeli air strikes kills dozens in Syria

Syria claims Israeli air strike coincided with another attack by the terrorist groups who control a part of the country in the north

Israel carries out several attacks inside Lebanon and Syria killing civilians

An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser

US and allies continue to wash their hands off role in prolonging Syrian war

Even after 13 years of war, the West and its allies continue to promote divisions in Syria through occupation of its land, theft of its natural resources, unilateral sanctions and military interventions

Israel launches airstrikes against Syria

Blinken has failed to achieve most of the stated goals of his repeated visits to the region since October 7 including getting commitment from Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel

US approves plan to bomb Iraq and Syria

The country approved plans to widen the scope of the regional war originating in Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Three US soldiers killed and 34 others wounded in attack on the Syria-Jordan border

The responsibility for the attacks was claimed by militia in Iraq who have been targeting US bases across the region since October 7 for its military and diplomatic support for the Israeli war in Gaza

UN General Assembly adopts fresh resolution demanding Israel’s withdrawal from Golan Heights

Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in the 1967 war and has refused to withdraw despite multiple UN resolutions. 91 countries voted in favor of the latest UNGA resolution while the US and UK voted against it

Israel bombs Syrian airports, increasing the possibility of a spillover of ongoing violence

Since Palestinian resistance groups launched the Al-Aqsa flood, Israel has not only bombarded Gaza, but has carried out provocative acts of violence against neighboring countries, threatening to expand the conflict

Syria-China ties
Syrian president visits China, seeks to increase economic cooperation 

Syria is seeking Chinese support for the economic revival and reconstruction of the country, devastated by more than a decade of war and continuing US and Turkish occupation  

Clashes in northeast Syria
Former US allies in Syria’s north-east clash over control of region’s oil resources

The presence of US troops in the country’s north-east has been termed as occupation by the Syrian government, which accuses them of stealing the region’s oil resources and backing anti-government forces to prolong the war in the country

Syria criticizes visit by US delgation
Syria accuses Israel, US of trying to escalate war in the country 

A couple of delegations of US Congress persons and the US ambassador to Turkey paid illegal visits to areas held by anti-Assad forces on Sunday. Meanwhile, Israel conducted airstrikes inside Syria in recent days