Tanupriya Singh
Tricon dossier Reviving regionalism in the age of US decline

A new dossier by the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research and Cuba’s Center for International Policy Research examines the decline of the US-led “rules-based international order” in favor of a decided shift towards regionalism and internationalism

Kenya protests Between elite infighting and state violence, Kenyan masses forge their own struggle 

Thousands of people took to the streets in Nairobi again this week to protest the government of President William Ruto. The protests have been called for by opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has tapped into public anger against rising costs of living

Unions, political parties take South African state to court over severe power cuts

NUMSA and the United Democratic Movement are among 19 applicants who have brought a case against the government and state energy company Eskom seeking relief from rolling power cuts that have inflicted severe damage on the economy and public services.

A warning, and an opportunity to act: UN IPCC publishes report on climate crisis

The climate crisis has affected food and water security, led to increased rates of morbidity, mortality, and displacement in the world’s most vulnerable regions

‘This is class war’: Tech companies and US Federal Reserve oversee major job losses

Meta has announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs this year amid a wave of mass layoffs by other US-based tech firms since 2022. Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has warned of a rise in unemployment due to a further hike in interest rates

As yet another ceasefire fails in the DRC, what lies ahead for the Congolese people?

During a visit to the DRC last week, the UN Security Council stated that it “no longer needed to be demonstrated” that Rwanda was backing the M23. The rebel group has continued to make advances in North Kivu as multiple ceasefires mediated by regional mechanisms have failed

Medact_Prevent Prevent: Health workers resist UK’s ‘counter terrorism’ strategy that weaponizes public services 

Public sector workers in the UK have a statutory duty under the ‘Prevent’ strategy to report ‘signs of radicalization’. The program is notorious for targeting Muslims and uses key services like healthcare to implement discriminatory ‘counter-terror’ tactics

West African people’s movements call for greater unity as France announces military ‘reorganization’

The West Africa Peoples Organisation has welcomed the proposal for greater collaboration between Burkina Faso, Mali, and Guinea, and has called for coordinating and planning production, trade, infrastructure, economic development, and defense

Garment workers wage theft report Pandemic recovery for whom? Global South garment workers face wage theft as companies rake in profits

Garment workers in Asia have lost out on millions of dollars in wages since 2020, even as ‘Big Fashion’ corporations including Nike are raking in mega-profits for their owners and Wall Street, a new report has found. Trade unions have launched the #FightTheHeist campaign to resist this 

Souvi Ould Cheine Mauritania Death of activist in police custody sparks protests demanding justice in Mauritania

Eight people, including senior police personnel, have been charged in the death of Souvi Ould Jibril Ould Cheine in Nouakchott on February 9. The killing led to protests and strikes demanding justice for the activist described as ‘the voice of the people’

team jorge com Team Jorge: The Israeli contractors behind disinformation and election interference

A consortium of news outlets has exposed a group based in Israel claiming to have manipulated 33 elections worldwide and manufactured online disinformation campaigns at the behest of intelligence agencies, political campaigns, and private corporations

Burkina Faso, Guinea y Mali proponen un eje estratégico en medio de la destitución militar francesa

Los tres países de África Occidental, que han sufrido recientemente un golpe militar en medio de la creciente indignación pública contra Francia, han acordado un eje Bamako-Conakry-Uagadugú, para una mayor cooperación en asuntos que van desde el comercio a la lucha contra la inseguridad.