China-Russia in Asia Pacific Asia-Pacific is where China-Russia ‘no limits’ partnership will be put to test

The Northeast Asian theater is going to be a crucial arena in the brewing big-power confrontation, what with the Arctic hotting up and the Northern Sea Route becoming operational. This will catapult the strategic importance of the Russian Far East and Siberia as the powerhouse of the world economy in the 21st century

El giro de Corea del Sur hacia el conflicto

La aspiración del Presidente Yoon Suk Yeol de convertir a Corea del Sur en un “Estado pivote mundial” está convirtiendo a su país en un engranaje más de la maquinaria bélica estadounidense y pone en juego la seguridad y el futuro económico de Corea del Sur en un orden mundial en declive liderado por Estados Unidos.

South Korea pivots to conflict

President Yoon Suk Yeol’s aspiration to position South Korea as a “global pivotal state” is turning his country into a bigger cog in the US war machine and stakes South Korea’s security and economic future on a declining US-led global order

China-Russia ties China, Russia circle wagons in Asia-Pacific

Such cooperation demonstrates a high level of trust and requires a possible integration of Russian and Chinese systems

China-Russia relationship World order looks different from Moscow, Beijing

The Chinese Defense Ministry has announced its participation in the Vostok 2022 strategic command and staff exercise in Russia, which is slated for August 30-September 5

Indo-Pacific power dynamic in radical shift

The recent joint air patrol by Russia and China displayed a very high level of military cooperation at a juncture when the two countries are facing new provocations and added pressure from the US