Black Sea grain initiative
El hambre en el mundo y la guerra en Ucrania

No está claro si Occidente dará a Rusia algún alivio en su capacidad de exportar sus propios productos agrícolas.

Storm clouds gathering over Black Sea

The NATO Summit in Vilnius signaled that there is absolutely no possibility of talks to settle the Ukraine war in the foreseeable future. The war will only intensify, as the US and its allies still hope to inflict a military defeat on Russia although that is clearly beyond their capability

Black Sea grain deal Ships headed to Ukraine via Black Sea legitimate targets for attacks, warns Russia

The warning comes following Ukraine’s attempts to revive the Black Sea grain deal without Russia. Ukraine is pitching a proposal that involves other countries providing protection to ships carrying its grain

18-04 Ukraine Grain - Europe EU’s withdrawal of tariffs on Ukrainian grain backfires as eastern European countries rise in opposition

The European Union and five countries in eastern Europe at are loggerheads over the tariff-free import of grain from Ukraine. The five countries say that the removal of tariffs has affected their internal markets and their farmers

Russia-Ukraine grain deal Russia-Ukraine grain deal extended by four months

The deal was set to expire on November 19. Turkey and the UN mediated the grain deal in July following global concern regarding the worsening food crisis, particularly in countries of Asia and Africa