Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia to build closer cooperation

In an attempt to strengthen bilateral relations in West Asia, Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Saudi Arabia and the UAE on December 6.

US sanctions waiver Iran Blnken US waives sanctions to allow transfer of Iranian assets from South Korea

With the waiver, banks in Europe (Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany) will be able to convert the money received from South Korea and transfer it to a bank in Qatar without being subjected to US sanctions. The money will be kept in Qatar for use by Iran to buy non-sanctioned goods from the international market

BRICS summit South Africa BRICS summit ends with six new members and calls for inclusive multilateralism and UN reform

BRICS has decided to invite six countries to join the bloc — Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The leaders also agreed on a future plan of expansion and called for increased use of local currencies in trade as opposed to the dollar

Tanker war US-Iran Iran dismisses US allegations of bid to seize two oil tankers near Sea of Oman

The US has been opposed to Iranian attempts to create a regional maritime security alliance in the region, even as it maintains its own naval command base in Bahrain

SCO denounces confrontation and protectionist policies, vows to work for a just and multipolar world order

The New Delhi declaration signed by SCO members declared Central Asia to be its core region and emphasized that resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan is significant for its security and stability

Iranian President visits Latin America Iranian president visits Latin American countries in an attempt to strengthen multipolar world order  

Ebrahim Raisi is on a five-day state visit to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua — Latin American countries that have been similarly affected by stringent US sanctions and hegemonic politics 

IAEA shuts investigation against Iran US using IAEA to delay finalization of nuclear deal, claims Iran 

The IAEA decided to shut down some of the investigations against Iran on May 31. Iran had earlier claimed these were politically motivated and being pushed by the US and its European allies  

Economic sanctions make populations in targeted countries poorer, sicker and vulnerable

According to a study published by CEPR, rich and developed countries in the West have increased the use of illegal unilateral punitive measures despite being aware of their ill effects on people

ICJ ruling on US freezing Iranian assets ICJ rules US freezing of some Iranian assets as illegal, orders compensation 

US courts had frozen billions of dollars of assets belonging to Iranian companies and its Central bank after having accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism 

US announces fresh sanctions against firms involved in Iranian oil and petrochemical exports

The list of companies sanctioned include a firm based in Vietnam, two in China, one in the UAE, and two in Iran. The US accused these firms of being “knowingly engaging” in the transport of Iranian oil and petrochemicals in violation of existing sanctions

China-Iran talks China demands withdrawal of all sanctions on Iran, restoration of Iran nuclear deal

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi concluded his three-day state visit to China on Thursday and and issued a joint statement with China emphasizing the need for a multipolar world

EP resolution against Iran Iran warns of retaliatory measures if EU member countries designate IRGC a terrorist organization   

Last week, the European parliament adopted a resolution asking member countries to designate the IRGC a terrorist organization over its alleged “terrorist activities, suppression of protests, and supplying of drones to Russia”