Abdul Rahman


Ahead of the European parliamentary polls on May 23, Peoples Dispatch speaks to Ivan Orosa, a researcher and international political analyst, on its role and limitations, the impact of popular mobilizations such as the Yellow Vests, and the possibilities and challenges ahead of the Left.


After the Donald Trump administration imposed tariffs on USD 200 billion dollars worth of goods, China retaliated by imposing tariffs on USD 60 billion worth of US goods

The deal that may be announced after Ramzan might be a further blow to the aspirations of Palestinians, and involves Israel taking over all the illegal settlements in the West Bank

Faced with ruthless US sanctions, Iran has decided to resume storage of enriched uranium and heavy water. US sanctions ban the export of these materials, which was originally allowed under the JCPOA

The recent Loya Jirga and rounds of talks between the US and the Taliban do not seem to be able to provide a clear road map for the peace process in Afghanistan

Iran sanctions

As the Trump administration refuses to extend the sanction waivers for buying Iranian oil to eight major economies, including India, China and Turkey, beyond May 2, the global economy is pushed on edge

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