Medicine For the People (MPLP)
Palestinian health workers are fighting for humanity

Hanne Bosselaers, general practitioner at Doctors for the People, talks about the contribution of health work in Palestine to global movements for solidarity and resistance

Workers Protest - Belgium Massive rally in Brussels demands refinancing and more staff in health and non-profit sectors

Back-to-back crises and the government’s insensitive policies have worsened work conditions in public health and other non-profit sectors in Belgium

Interview - Comac Belgium 1 Sander Claessens: ‘We defend a socialist society where people and the planet come first’

The president of the Comac student movement in Belgium spoke to Peoples Dispatch about organizing students and youth to fight against oppression and injustice

ManiFiesta 2022 - Belgium ManiFiesta 2022 ends with a call to change the world as we want it

The 12th edition of the ManiFiesta festival was held in the Belgian city of Ostend from September 17-18. It was attended by over 14,000 people