Daily Round-Up | Morocco criticized for sentencing asylum-seekers after Melilla incident and more

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Moroccan authorities punishing asylum seekers, China carrying out military drills, Venezuela’s opposition abandoning Juan Guaido, and an Israeli right-wing plan to Judaize Palestinian territories

Melilla Massacre: How Spanish-Moroccan collusion left dozens of refugees dead

At least 37 African refugees were killed in Melilla on June 24 when security forces opened fire on them. Along with Spanish forces, Moroccan forces also participated in this operation.

Massacre of African refugees in Spanish colonial enclave of Melilla just ahead of NATO’s Madrid Summit a mere coincidence?

Spain is seeking NATO protection for Melilla, where the massacre occurred, and Ceuta, its other colonial enclave on the North African coast. The NATO Summit has declared irregular migration from Africa to be a threat to the “state security” of its members