Modi US visit
India SCO summit India’s discontent with SCO

In the international arena, the SCO and the BRICS are poised to be the two principal vehicles to advance the aspirations of the Global South. By clinging on to the US coattails, India is only weakening its own pretensions as the self-appointed leader of such countries

US-India semiconductor Micron If chip-making is India’s goal, Micron deal won’t deliver it

If chip-making is India’s goal, the Micron deal to set up a plant in India won’t deliver it. What India is getting—assembling and testing chips made elsewhere—is the lowest end of the chip-making technology

Modi visits US China is the subtext as Modi and Biden discuss mutual strategic interests, trade, and technology

In a massively hyped visit, Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, was received at the White House where he held discussions with US President Joe Biden. The US sought to bring India further into its strategy of encircling China