Occupied Palestinian territories (OPTs)
At ICJ hearing, Global South countries call for end to occupation of Palestine; US and allies back Israel

The ICJ is conducting hearings before giving an opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The US and its allies have asked the court to not demand an end to the occupation

ICJ upholds South Africa’s case against Israel, orders measures to prevent genocide in Gaza

While the Court did not grant South Africa’s request for an immediate suspension of Israel’s military operations, it has ordered Israel take “all measures” to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, including by its military

European parliament committee recommends EU collaborate with ICC to probe Israeli war crimes European parliament committee recommends EU collaborate with ICC to probe Israeli war crimes

The resolution by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee regretted “”the limited progress on the ICC investigations in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the occupied Palestinian territories” and called for helping the ICC and its prosecutor move forward with the investigation and the prosecution

Activists demand better scrutiny of Israeli occupation’s impact on health of Palestinians

The recently concluded 76th World Health Assembly discussed health conditions in Palestine, which are continuously deteriorating because of the Israeli occupation. Activists suggested that WHO should utilize its documentation of attacks against civilians, healthcare facilities, and humanitarian actors to make serious referrals to the International Criminal Court

Netanyahu and Itamar Ben Gvir agree to legalize outposts. What does it mean for Palestinians?

Nearly 700,000 Israelis living in over 250 settlements and over 100 outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories. Both settlements and outposts are illegal under international law while Israel has until now termed outposts illegal