Okinawa US military base
Activists detail frontline struggles against US militarism in Northeast Asia

The Asia-Pacific region has once again become a hotspot in Washington’s new Cold War, as Biden’s Indo-Pacific Strategy has been dead set on forging a new anti-China bloc across the region

Okinawa: ¿Un bastión para la paz?

Si Okinawa es un portaaviones insumergible para que Estados Unidos haga la guerra, también puede convertirse en un bastión para que los movimientos logren la paz.

Okinawa: A bastion for peace?

If Okinawa is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the US to wage war, it can also become a bastion for movements to wage peace.

QUAD, AUKUS and the new ‘rules-based’ international order

The QUAD alliance has declared its intention to uphold the rules-based international order. What does this mean? NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha analyzes the grouping, as well the recently-announced AUKUS grouping

Around the world in 8 minutes ep 7 Peoples Dispatch Around the World in 8 Minutes: Episode 07

In this episode we look into ongoing regime change attempts in Venezuela, anti US military protests in Japan and increasing illegal Israeli settler violence in Palestine.

Okinawa protest Japan against US base Resistance to US military bases expansion on the Japanese island of Okinawa continues

The base, hosting about 3,000 US marines, was established after the US defeated the Japanese army in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945