Swaziland teachers strike
swaziland teachers Swaziland teachers’ union condemns allegations by government ahead of strike

The prime minister made unsubstantiated allegations against the Swaziland National Association of Teachers, claiming that their strike was ‘sponsored’ and being joined illegally by ‘outsiders’. The union has declared the strike will be held as planned on September 23

Swaziland teachers strike “Unions have to look deeper into the real problems affecting people’s livelihoods”

In an interview with Peoples Dispatch, Njabulo Dlamini recalls the Swaziland teachers union’s recent struggles and the challenges they are confronting under the monarchy

Ep 04 Around the world on 8 minutes Around the World in 8 Minutes: Episode 04

In this episode, we take you India, where Delhi police have charged three communist students leaders with sedition. We also look into the Los Angeles teachers’ strike and Swaziland civil servants’ strike call.