Actions in more than 10 countries on international day of mobilizations for #LulaLivre (#FreeLula)

On August 12 and 13 acts were held in more than 10 countries demanding the immediate liberty of ex-president Lula who has been held as a political prisoner for more than 4 months in the headquarters of the Federal Police in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil.

August 18, 2018 by Lula Committee

The International Days of Actions called for by the International #FreeLula Committee called on collectives of support for Lula across the world to carry out manifestations to denounce the political imprisonment of the ex-president and demand his immediate liberty. The initiative also had the objective to turn in a letter in the Brazilian embassies and consulates directed towards the Supreme Federal Court (STF) demanding the annulation of the arbitrary sentence that keeps Lula in prison for political reasons, his immediate liberty and defending his right to be a candidate to the presidency of Brazil in the elections in October.

Acts were held in Santiago (Chile), New York and Washington (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Havana (Cuba), London (UK), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), San José (Costa Rica), Johannesburg (South Africa), Caracas (Venezuela), Stockholm (Sweden), Panama City (Panama). There were also acts scheduled in Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland.

On August 15, the day of registration of the candidacy of President Lula, there was also an international twitter storm  called for using the hashtags #FreeLula, #LulaLivre and #LulaLibre.

See the photos and videos of the acts across the world.

Santiago, Chile

New York, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Johannesburg, South Africa

Washington DC, USA

In Washington DC activists from Brazilians for Democracy and Social Justice, trade unionists from the largest central trade union federations of the United States and representatives of civil society gathered on Monday August 13 in front of the Brazilian Embassy to protest the political imprisonment of ex-president Lula and demand that he be given the right to be a candidate in the next elections.

Caracas, Venezuela

London, UK

Panama City, Panama

San José, Costa Rica

Stockholm, Sweden

Port-au-Prince, Haiti