What explains the difference between the polls and election results in Brazil?

Analysts have pointed to respondents’ declaration of false information or “embarrassed voting” as a major factor in the difference between the polls and the results

Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement elects six candidates

The MST elects candidates in the South, Southeast and Northeast of Brazil for state and federal office

Brazil elections Lula and Bolsonaro to face off in second round of presidential elections in Brazil

Leftist candidate Lula da Silva obtained 48.43% of the votes, while conservative Bolsonaro followed him with 43.20% of the votes

Lula leads in overseas voting with majority in 29 countries, Bolsonaro in 6

By 3:00 pm Brazil, voting had finalized in more than 70 nations from a total of 181 electoral precincts

Election-eve polls in Brazil give Lula 50-51% of valid votes

The Ipec and Datafolha voter intention polls released on the eve of the elections in Brazil, show that support for Lula continues to grow

“People’s struggles and international solidarity helped defeat lawfare against Lula”

Mônica Valente of Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT) talks about how they resisted the campaign of lawfare against Lula and what this election means for the country’s future

Ending hunger, reviving agriculture: The MST’s vision for post-election Brazil

João Pedro Stedile of the MST talks about the impact of four years of Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency on the agriculture sector and how it can be revived. He explains the MST’s proposals including urgent measures to alleviate hunger

Brazil elections: “We are not fighting for Utopia but for what the constitution guarantees us”

Luana de Souza is a militant of the National Coordination of Black Entities (CONEN) and a candidate for the State Assembly of Minas Gerais

Thays Carvalho: We have to combine all struggles to confront Bolsonarism and build hope in Brazil

Ahead of national elections in Brazil, Thays Carvahlo from the People’s Brazil Movement spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the loss of rights suffered by the Brazilian people in the last six years and the hope offered by the upcoming polls

Datafolha poll indicates Lula could win 50% of valid votes on Sunday for a first-round victory

Lula has 50% of the valid votes and can win in the first round; Bolsonaro has 36%; Ciro Gomes dropped one point and has 6%

Evangelicalism in Brazil “It is not a sin to vote for Lula”: The left and Evangelicalism in Brazil

Evangelicals are a crucial voting block in Brazil but they are in no way a homogeneous group. Progressive Evangelical groups and people’s movements are campaigning to dispel misconceptions and bridge the gap between the community and the left

Latest Ipec poll shows increased support for Lula

Former president appears four points above the sum of the other candidates and can win in the first round